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Our mission is to provide homeowners safe, effective products that will prevent and kill unwanted pests, while providing the lowest possible impact to the environment, and the lease possible risk to the homeowner.

At Texas Pest Elimination, we have dedicated ourselves to providing solutions to support.

 Total Pest Prevention System,

The latest Integrated Pest Management methods in a professional, ethical, responsible and caring manner. Our goal is to establish genuine customer trust and valued satisfaction.  Above all else, we value long-term relationships with our co-workers and our Clients.

Industry Leadership

At Texas Pest Elimination our team members have been and continue to be leaders within the pest management industry.  We have, on staff, a nationally known Professionals. Texas Pest Elimination is also an active member of the National Pest Management Association.

Technical Expertise

The key to our success is the quality of our people. Monthly training sessions educate and train Texas Pest Eliminations specialized Service Personnel in the most advanced

Total Pest Prevention System
Green Treatment Methods and the latest, most advanced IPM techniques. This enables Texas Pest Elimination to assure the client of the highest quality service available. Texas Pest Elimination also has business alliances with some of the most respected professionals in the highly specialized and rapidly expanding Green Treatment Industry. A natural, “Green” product is applied during the construction of new homes for the lifetime prevention of Termite invasion of your new home.

We also employ the use of the most advanced Green Treatment Methods on the market today to prevent outside insect pests entry into your home and elimininate those insect pests that are brought into your home.

Borate Based Technology
You’re in the home of your dreams. It is either brand new or new to you. Only one problem- you’re not alone. Thousands of unwanted pests are ready to move in or may already be living in your new home, Termites, Wood-boring beetles, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Wood Decay Fungus and Mold only to name a few.

What do you do? Many pests including cockroaches can cause health problems. Youdo not want to turn to harsh, hazardous chemicals that risk the health and well being of your family. These chemicals may seep into the drinking water or soil around your home the same ground where you garden and your children and pets play.

Do what comes naturally. Solve the problem with Sodium Borate, a mineral as old as the Earth itself. Our

Total Pest Prevention System

is the answer.

The NISUS Corporation has created a complete line of borate-based products formulated with a concern for the Environment. For a more progressive, longer lasting, protection for you new home, choose TEXAS PEST ELIMINATION SERVICES.


Toxic Soil Termiticides No Longer Needed for Homeowners

Rockford, TN – Last year approximately 400,000,000 gallons of soil termiticides were pumped under and around new homes constructed in the United States.

That number is dropping as top homebuilders switch to borate-based BORA-CARE ® for termite protection. It requires only 2 gallons of BORA-CARE to protect a home vs. 300 gallons of poison termiticides. BORA-CARE is an odorless solution that is sprayed directly onto the wood, not in the soil.  BORA-CARE, manufactured by the NISUS Corporation.

This major switch to BORA-CARE is the first movement away from soil, poison, termiticide, Pretreatments since the 1950’s.

The new and preferred method of treatment is spraying a unique patented BORA-CARE solution on exposed wood during the dried-in phase of construction. The Technology developed by the NISUS Corporation allows the borates in BORA-CARE to penetrate deep into the wood. Once there, the termites won’t eat the wood and it stays in the wood for as long as the wood is in service. --

Borates, however, aren’t new; they have been in use for thousands of years. Egyptians used borates in the mummification process. Borates, derived from the element boron, are found in everything from face creams to laundry detergent to fertilizers and even cancer treatments.


Borates occur naturally in water, fruits, and vegetables and forage crops.

 The NISUS Corporation has managed to use one of nature’s products to create a pesticide product line that takes us back to the future.

Texas Pest Elimination has used these products in treating your home for termites and we will continue to use these “Family and Environment Friendly materials as long as we are allowed to service you home and protect your family.

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