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Founded in 1992, 'Texas Pest Elimination Services',

“Our mission is to satisfy the unique pest management needs of regional businesses in need of Quality Service”

Well trained, and experienced in the application of the latest IPM techniques in facilities that are highly regulated, Texas Pest Elimination Services and its staff take pride in the fact that we are committed to providing quality service to our clients.

Local Ownership:

Texas Pest Elimination Services ownership takes pride in providing honest, quality service in our community, most of our staff have been in the pest management business most of their working lives, we are responsible to each other, with our individual reputations at stake. Texas Pest Elimination Services assures you of the quality of service through consistent application of an established set of Performance Standards.

Full Service Capabilities:

Texas Pest Elimination Services provides pest management services for any type of need including insect, rodent, stored product pest, bird, and weed control etc. We can also provide fumigation, sanitation consultations, pre AIB/ASI inspections and training of your personnel.

Technical Expertise:

Texas Pest Elimination Services has degreed technical specialists and Professionals, many of whom are nationally recognized experts in pest management. We hold advanced degrees in Public Health, Entomology, Biology, and other pest-related disciplines.

Experienced Technicians:

The key to success in any pest management program is directly dependent upon the quality of the people that deliver the service. At Texas Pest Elimination Services we continually educate and train our Service Technicians in the most advanced products and pest management techniques. This philosophy has enabled us to obtain and retain skilled Technicians, whose training and experience assure you of receiving the highest quality service.

Industry Leadership:

Texas Pest Elimination Services staff members have been and continue to be leaders within the pest management industry. Through active involvement in the Texas Pest Control Association and in other state associations, and with laws, regulations, and industry standards and your needs and concerns in mind.

At TEXAS PEST ELIMINATION SERVICES we have dedicated ourselves to providing Quality Pest Management in a professional, ethical, responsible and caring manner. Our Company began business in 1992 in the DFW area of Texas. We are locally owned and sincere about providing honest quality service in Our Community of North Central TEXAS.

TEXAS PEST ELIMINATION SERVICES provides total Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to our Commercial clients.

IPM includes such methods as:

• low toxicity and/or
• non-chemical control methods,
• fumigation (heat fumigation) services
• sanitation audits,
• consultative pre-regulatory inspection audits, (i.e.; AIB, ASI, USDA).

Our goal is to inspect, identify problems, communicate, and then treat with the safest IPM strategy available until the problem has been eliminated and re-infestation prevention has been put into place.

Proudly Serving Companines Who MUST Have Quality Pest Management